J.B. Zielke, author of The Lost Cowboy

J.B. Zielke, Part #2

Welcome to episode Part 2 of my insightful interview with J.B. Zielke, author of "The Lost Cowboy".

“6-Continent Cowboy” J.B. Zielke, Part #2

Welcome to Episode 3 Part 2 of my insightful interview with J.B. Zielke, author of “The Lost Cowboy“.

This fantastic conversation lasted over 3 hours. “6-Continent Cowboy” is the title of Part #2 of 3 Parts. Please don’t miss Part #1 from last week, and be sure to listen next week for the third and final part of this interesting and valuable conversation.

J.B. is known for his epic journey to ranch on every continent that has critters to herd. The climax of this epic adventure is when he finds himself riding a giant reindeer while herding other reindeer in Mongolia. Check back next week for Part #3.

J.B.’s thirst for the wild in life and his aptitude for descriptive writing are reminiscent of introspective literary works like those of Hunter S. Thompson or “Greenlights” by Matthew McConaughey. Still, those who love books that hearken back to the old days of the wild west and pioneer cattlemen will recognize a similarity to the revered cowboy book “We Pointed Them North”.

If you are curious about what life is like for herdsmen/cowboys/Americans in other places around the world, or if you love grand adventures with harrowing tales of disasters and conflict, as well as, heartwarming moments between people who cannot speak each other’s language, you will love this book!

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