Ray, seated 3rd from left, with his cowboy crew, kids, and cook (top left)

Ray Marxer Part 2

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Heartbreaks & Heroes – Ray Marxer #2

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Living Western Podcast – Episode #2  – Ray Marxer – PART 2

For this inaugural interview here on the Living Western Podcast, I chose a man who has accomplished more in life than I could ever dream to.  

 He is the long-time former manager of the famed Matador Cattle Company in Southwest Montana.  He is also the author of a popular new non-fiction book called, “Cowboy in a Corporate World”.

In this conversation, we cover many topics around ranching, agriculture, and life in the American West.  Ray’s life journey is inspiring and his insights are powerful.  

This interview lasted for hours, so I split it up into two parts.  This is Part 2.

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Heartbreaks & Heroes